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Highly creative

Natural leadership

Technical skills

Highly creative

Natural leadership

Technical skills


20 years experience in the film industry, mostly on animated features, I am now Computer Graphics Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks (see below for details about my current position). Although my background is artistic, I am also very strong technically (surfacing and lighting departments, on mostly Katana and Nuke, nowadays), and have a genuine sense of leadership. I've always work with highly multicultural teams (in Montreal, Sydney, London and Vancouver), and I speak fluently both English and French. My job consists essentially at finding technical solutions to artistic endeavours, implemented by a multinational team. It suits me very well.

For an exhaustive resumé, please visit my LinkedIn profile

Nomination for 20th Annual VES Awards,
"Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature",
Vivo, Mambo Cabana.

Current position

C.G. Supervisor at Sony Picture Imageworks

Currently working on an Animated Feature film.

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Creations & Interests


This is Bear-Tron, my avatar, an electronic bear that composes or arranges music for the dreadful Minotaur (Music for the Minotaur section).

You will also find, on this website, pieces that I composed a long time ago for short films, theatre plays or various projects (Road Movie section)


I write stories for children 9 and up (in French) and started to publish them. Adventures, monsters, friendship, injustice, fears, love, family, all topics that youngsters live every, topics that my stories depict.

You can visit my author site here.

Photography and Cinematography

There are some photos I took over time. My favorite type of photography: portraiture.

I also love cinematography. And that's a good thing, because I create images for movies... for a living!


I speak both English and French, fluently.

Am interested in photography, cinema, cooking, history (mostly the later European medieval period), linguistics, traveling, writing short stories.

Sports I generally do is skiing in the winter, and jogging in the summer.