Current project:

Lead Lookdev Artist - Sony Pictures Imageworks

On Smallfoot, a summer 2018 release. I'm currently working on the lookdev of hero characters, the setup for generic characters variation, aa well as managing some infrastructure aspects of the lighting and lookdev tools.

Latest completed films:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Lead Lighting Artist - Sony Pictures Imageworks

I worked with close collaboration with the FX team for the look and efficiency of the environment composed of incredibly high amount of geometry. The walls of the building were made of vines and leaves.

I had a just handful of lighters in my team, but my sequences were small.

Hotel Transyslvania II

Senior Lighter - Sony Pictures Imageworks

This was my first project at Sony. I lit shots based on the clients requirements. This film is so much fun, you should watch it if you haven't.

Night at the Museum III

Lead Lookdev/Lighting - MPC

Leading the lookdev team and the lighting team to create these photorealistic creatures: furry animal heads, stone statues, bones skeletons, metallic armour, etc.

My team was about 15 people, and we had a large portion of the film.